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For those that are suffering with scalp acne or pimples then read this. So far you may have struggled to find a solution but you need to understand that regular acne creams for those pesky bumps don't work. The Pro Active treatments of the world don't work on scalp acne or bumps.



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The reason why these typical acne treatments don't work on the scalp is because they cannot get through the trapped bacteria (acne is caused by a bacteria no matter where it occurs on the body). The oils that are in the scalp get stuck at the follicle opening. This is referred to as a sebum plug. When the follicle plugs problems such as scalp folliculitis, fungus and even boils as well as the typical acne.

Your body does an amazing job of getting rid of the bacteria on a day in an day out basis. But over time the sticky shampoos, hair gels and hair sprays and not to mention just the dirt in the environment can build up around the follicle opening. The reason they do this is because this is where the oils of the scalp are secreted and these oils catch and hold the dirt and grime which also become a breeding ground for bacteria that results in scalp acne. Learn more about what causes scalp pimples.


Simple! You need a shampoo and conditioning treatment that will open the follicle up and more important remove the sebum plugs. This will allow the built up grime and dirt to drain. ZincplexPCA Shampoo and Conditioner treatment does more than deep cleanse the scalp. This amazing shampoo will deep cleanse the hair follicle and the hair root of the hair. Removing the deep dirt and bacteria will help with your acne issues. For most it is the answer to long fight with scalp pimples, zits and tough acne. Remember that traditional creams can cause a scaly scalp. Shampoos designed for the scalp work better.




Scalp acne is based on a bacteria that gets caught or trapped inside the follicle - here is how to get it out! The Shampoo and Conditioner that will end your scalp issues is ZINCPLEX-PCA.


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