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Bumps on the scalp are more common than believed. There are several different causes that are listed below and a few very obscure causes that are not listed below.

Different Types of Bumps:

It is very common to get bumps, pimples and acne on the scalp. These can be unsightly, painful and even itch and flake. There are several things that might cause these to appear. Some of them are:    

§  Contact or Touch Dermatitis, This is usually caused by an allergic reaction to shampoos or conditioners  

§  Seborrheic Dermatitis

§  Scalp Acne or Pimples

§  A Bacterial Infection or Virus

§  Folliculitis- bacterial or fungal infection of the hair follicle

§  Impetigo- Infection that is found on the exterior layers of the skin

§  An Epidermal or Sebaceous Cyst

§   Skin Cancer (these are rare but check with a dermatologist)


1) Bacteria and Fungus Inside Hair Follicle:
Scalp bumps often occur when the hair follicle is left open because of an overly dry scalp. Oil and bacteria then become trapped inside the hair follicle. This condition is know as folliculitis. The scalp white heads , blackheads or pimples that occur range from small similar to whitehead or even puss filled to large lumps like cysts. 

Our Products Are Designed To Work On Just About Every Type of Bump! You need a deep cleaning shampoo, purifying herbs and zinc pca to clean the follicle and get rid of the trapped bacteria and help with any fungal issues. These products reset the scalp by creating the perfect environment for overall health! 

2) Chemicals
Another cause is contact dermatitis. This is an allergic reaction on the scalp. The chemicals found in many hair products are usually the cause.  Chemicals in many shampoos, conditioners and hair dyes cause irritation and an overly dry scalp.  This leads to dry scalp pimples and sores. 

Scalp acne
is often caused by too much oil on the scalp. The oil builds up around the hair follicle causing it to get trapped and scalp pimples to form. The bottom line is that scalp will only be healthy when the correct amount of oil is achieved.  Too much or too little oil can both lead to scalp acne and scalp bumps. 

Achieving the right balance on the scalp is not as hard as it sounds. Stay away from chemical shampoos and other products.  Instead use all natural products with ingredients that work to balance the scalp. Zinc is probably the number one ingredient to both clean and balance your scalp. Jojoba oil and emu oil are also beneficial to the scalp. 

Very Rarely:
In some cases a bump or pimple on the scalp that will not go away actually turns out to be cancerous. This is more common on areas of the scalp that are not covered by lots of hair. If you have a bump that will not go away after treatments it should be checked out by a doctor to ensure that it is not cancer. 

 Most scalp bumps are simply a build up of bacteria inside the hair follicle. Click the link below to get the products.


Most often if the red bumps have a puss center or a white head then it is actually scalp acne. These outbreak of pimples are actually very common and hang around unless you deep cleanse your follicle and reset the ph levels. And while many people try to use typical acne related products they very rarely get results with these products.

Larger bumps that do not have white heads tend to be sebum or oil filled bumps. Often times these are related to bacterial issues in the scalp.


There are several other lumps including small and red that do not have white heads and little white pimples that are often related to clog pores on the scalp.


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