Scalp Pimples & Scalp Acne are Common Conditions


No one wants to have scalp acne, but it can be even more frustrating when appears somewhere other than your face such as the head or scalp.  When pimples are below the hair they can be hard to get to in order to treat.  You may not realize that many people suffer from scalp acne that can show up as all different kinds of bumps including whiteheads, black heads, little red bumps or hardened boils. 

Breakouts often occur when the hair follicle becomes inflamed.  Similar to facial acne, pimples on the scalp form small pustules.  They are usually discovered when brushing the hair or scratching due to itch.  Both of which may cause these scalp bumps to become infected which can be painful. 

Scalp acne can have several different causes.  Yeast or bacteria growth on the scalp is one possible culprit.  This bacteria gets trapped inside the follicle causing bumps and inflammation to appear. 

Scalp bumps need different treatments than those on the face.  Pimples on the face or other areas of the body may be treated with salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide.  These do not work well on the scalp.  Scalp health depends on a delicate balance of oil.  Chemical such as these will over dry the scalp only making matters worse.   Benzyl peroxide has even been shown to damage the hair by bleaching it and sometimes even causing hair loss. 

To treat scalp acne look for you should stay away from chemicals and instead look for natural products.  The amount of oil on the scalp needs to be balanced.  Natural ingredients such as zinc, jojoba oil, and emu oil work well to balance the scalp.   Zinc in particular works to cleanse the scalp and regulate the sebum gland which produces the oil on the scalp. 



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