Solutions For Dry Black Hair


What Makes Black Hair so Dry


Many think the reason why people with black hair are prone to hair dryness is because of the color (black) per se. My interpretation or explanation to this is that black (color) tends to absorb the light rays coming from the sun, which then causes the dryness effect on hair. Perhaps this theory of mine is totally be wrong or perhaps has some percentage of truth to it. Either way, my further readings on this topic led me to more acceptable and validated explanations.


Hair structure is among the reasons for black hair to become prone to dryness and breakage even. Apparently, the structure of the hair causes the oils to have difficulty working its way from the scalp to the tips of the hair. Following are some of the many ways to take care of your black hair; to help prevent dryness, even dullness, and breakage to occur.


         Use a shampoo, specifically tailored for black hair.

         Massage hair with lukewarm oil (e.g., coconut oil, aroma oil, any herbal oil, or olive oil) twice a week, at the very least. Consistently doing this can help nourish hair. You can also use daily moisturizers.

         Condition your hair with hair conditioning for black hair. You can also use leave on conditioners for best results. Best to comb your hair while conditioning to get rid of any hair tangles.

         Protect your hair by covering it with a scarf, using an umbrella, or wearing a cap when walking under the sun.

         Try to blow dry your hair as occasionally as possible. Heat from the dryer can cause more damages to your hair than you thought. Also, using the hair dryer properly can atleast reduce the problems it may cause your hair.

         Hair gels can be used when styling your black hair.

         Have your hair regularly cut to prevent brittle split ends to occur.

         Have an oil treatment or deep conditioning once a month.

         You can practice misting your hair with water using a spray bottle.

         Use an appropriate comb for your hair. Choosing an appropriate hair style for your natural hair type and growth pattern can also help reduce stress to your hair.

         Eat a well-balanced diet. Supply yourself with vitamins and proteins, which are important help for hair growth.