Acne On The Scalp


We all know that acne commonly occurs on the face as well as other areas of the body such as the back and chest.  But sometimes acne and pimples also occur on the scalp.  Even for people who may not experience acne on other parts of their body.  Scalp acne can be hard to treat because it is buried below the hair. 

Scalp acne may be caused by several things.  Stress is often a cause.  At times the scalp produces too much oil.  Extra oil and bacteria gets trapped in hair follicles causing scalp bumps and pimples.  Scalp acne can be very itchy, but scratching of course will only cause the bumps to become infected and the problem to worsen. 

Scalp pimples may be mild and consists of smaller pustules.  These pimples are often painful.  They often tend to be concentrated around the hairline.  The more severe form of scalp acne may have larger bumps, that are crusty, and enflamed.  Sometimes cysts may even be present.  This type of scalp acne sometimes causes scaring. 

While it is tempting to treat scalp bumps the same as you would those on your face, it is not a good idea.  Benzyl peroxide which is often used on acne, is a terrible choice for the scalp. It along with other chemical products will only dry out the scalp and make the problem works.  The health of your scalp depends on a delicate balance.    Benzyl peroxide has also been shown to bleach hair and even cause hair loss at time.   Instead opt for natural product that will work to regulate the amount of oil on the scalp.  Zinc is all natural and does just that, making it the perfect ingredient to use in creating a healthy scalp. 


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