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Scalp Treatment for Dry Black Hair!


scalp treatment for dry black hair problems



Why Black Hair Needs Scalp Oil

Black hair is different from other hair.  It requires different products and routines.  Not all black hair is the same, but it does differ structurally from Caucasian hair.   The structural differences make black hair dryer.  It is also more inclined to breakage. 

The cuticle, or outer layer, is larger, as much as two times larger, in black hair.  This extra cuticle makes it harder for oil from the scalp to reach the ends of curly hair.  Decreased oil means that black hair is usually very dry.  It is also more coarse and thick. 

Like all hair, black and bi-racial hair varies from person to person.  One person may even have several types of hair on their head.  So it is not possible to say that every person should have the exact same hair care routine.  But black hair does tend to be overall dryer and more fragile than other hair.  Many hair products made for black hair actually contain chemicals that dry the hair out further by dmaging the very outter moisture layer and the protective barrier.  The best way to moisturize black hair is with oil.  You need to replace the natural oil, sebum, that black hair is lacking. 

The best natural oils for moisturizing black hair are argan oil, jojoba oil and emu oil.  Argan oil, morocco oil, provides moisture deep into hair, cuts down drying time, reduces flaking and leaves hair more manageable.  Jojoba oil closely resembles the scalps natural sebum.  It can help regulate the oil on the scalp, moisturize, and repair scalp conditions such as scalp psoriasis and eczema.  Emu oil is a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.  A good hair treatment with one of these oils can go a long way to restoring black hair and helping it retain moisture. Argan oil cuts down the drying time of hair by almost half. This is very important because it allows you to use hair dryers and flat irons half the time and that means half of the heat!

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