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Tea Tree and Itchy Scalp Relief!



Tea Tree Oil Properties and Scalp Benefits

Tea tree oil is a good natural antibacterial disinfectant.  It comes from tea tree leaves.  It has been used for thousands of years.  It has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years and studies have shown that it indeed does have many benefits for the scalp and the skin. it does amazingly well for itchy scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, a severe form of dandruff, typical dandruff, flaking, itching on the scalp and all over the skin. It can be used in scalp treatments such as anti itch shampoos, scalp anti itch lotions and dandruff conditioners. It also does extremely well for scalp acne and scalp pimples.

There are many benefits of tea tree oil.  It is used to cure the three types of infectious organisms, bacteria, virus, and fungus.   It is also known to fight some infections that tend to be resistant to antibiotics.  For these reasons it is often used as a natural remedy for skin ailments like acne, abscess, sun burn, blisters, oily skin, athlete‚Äôs foot, herpes, warts, bites, rashes and minor wounds. 

Tea tree oil is often used in hair care as well.  It is often used in shampoos and conditioners.  It can treat scalp problems that are often caused by fungus or infection such as dandruff and scalp acne.  Tea tree oil is also used in natural lice treatments and may be a good deterrent for the pesky bugs. 

Some studies have found that tea tree oil is a good way to treat respiratory problems such as sore throats, coughs and runny nose.  It has even been used with more severe respiratory problems like asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchitis.

Tea tree oil is good for use as a mouth wash as well.  It is a good natural cure for bad breath because it kills the bacteria that causes bad breath.  It can also help heal gingivitis and inflamed gums, and remove plaque. Tea tree oil is good treatment for canker sores and laryngitis as well.  Ingesting large amounts of tea tree oil however could make you sick. 

When it comes to the scalp and tea tree oil we strongly suggest that you look into powerful shampoos that are used to help remove serious bacterial issues and problems from the hair follicle. Problems such as hair loss, scalp acne, pimples on the head, scalp rashes, scalp scabs, scalp sores and much more are all due to excess bacterial or fungal growth in the hair follicle. This is due to impacted sebum! The sebum can become very hard almost like candy. This sebum plug of follicle plug must be removed! LEARN ABOUT ZINCPLEX!

We use tea tree oil in our Zincplex Scalp Lotion and Zincplex Conditioner. This is because of how effective it is against the cause of most itchy scalp situations including the fungus called malasezzia furfur. This scalp fungus is believed to be the main cause of seborrheic dermatitis, severe dandruff or bad dandruff as well as other scalp rashes. To learn more about products that help with scalp psoriasis and scalp eczema then visit those specific pages within our website. Scalp Eczema responds well to dead sea mud and zinc pca. On the page you can see the different products that can help your eczema or psoriasis symptoms.

The best ingredients to combat malessezia furfur are zinc pca and tea tree oil! These two products help to remove the very cause of scalp problems that is mainly the fungus of the malasezzia globosa family and specifically referred to as malasezzia furufur.

Our shampoo does not use tea tree as an ingredient because of the high levels of zinc and other herbs. However, our scalp lotion as well as well our Zincplex Conditioner both include therapeutic levels of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil alone is typically not enough to end scalp problems, however when tea tree oil is included with purifying herbs and high levels of zinc pca it because very, very effective!

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