zinc pca for pimples and acneMedicated Shampoos Offer Short Term Relief

Itchy Scalp- Medicated Shampoos? Read The Low Down!


Many people who suffer from scalp itch and flaking turn to drug store medicated dandruff shampoos for a cure.  There are many available at your local store including Scalpicin, T-Gel, Head and Shoulders.  Unfortunately these shampoos offer only temporary relief from scalp conditions. 

Most anti-dandruff shampoos that you buy contain chemicals.  Harsh chemicals often dry out the scalp and may only serve to aggravate your problem further.  These shampoos may stop flaking but the do not address the underlying problem that is causing the scalp to itch and flake in the first place.  Your problem may seem to clear up, but the results are usually only temporary and your original problems will come back in a week or two. 

The only way too really stop uncomfortable scalp conditions such as itching, flaking, bumps and sores is to address the actual problem.  The main cause of most scalp conditions is an imbalance of oil on the scalp.  The correct balance of oil is extremely important to obtaining a healthy scalp.  If too much oil is present problems such as seborrhea may occur.  With too little oil, a dry scalp, folliculitis along with scalp bumps may arise.  An unbalanced scalp is not healthy and actually becomes susceptible to many scalp conditions. 

The best natural ingredient to create optimum balance in the scalp is zinc pca.  Zinc works to clean away any bacteria that has accumulated on the scalp or in hair follicles.  Then it actually regulates the sebum gland so that it will not overproduce or under produce the oil needed for a healthy scalp. 




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