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"I finally found what I was looking for. I read about zinc pca in Cosmo and believe it or not in Time Magazine and have been searching for the best cream with zinc pca in it and finally found it with your acne cream. My pimples are gone and I have noticed that many of my marks or small scars have started to go away.

Roger Woods-Atlanta Ga


I have heard some about zinc pca - can you please tell me more?

Zinc pca is truly a breakthrough when it comes to skin care and hair care. It can help everyone from those that have oily skin and scalp to those that suffer from tough acne and even tough scalp problems like seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and other scalp related problems. It is amazing because it actually kills the bacteria that can cause the acne and even dandruff. Most products dry out the skin. This cream does not. instead it actually regulates the sebum glands to give you a normal amount of sebum. Not too much that can cause acne and skin issues but not too little so that skin dries out causing even more harsh skin problems.


Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes - FULL 60 DAYS! Every product has a complete full , no questions asked money back guarantee. Very few times do we have to honor that guarantee and that is why we make it that strong.


I have acne and oily skin - will your product help?

Zinc pca is an amazing ingredient in that it not only kills the bacteria that causes scalp pimples, zits, blackheads and acne but it also regulates (not shut down) the sebum that the oil glands submit. This is vital since it will not dry out the skin but it will control the amount of oil. Most scalp conditions including seborrhea dermatitis, oily eczema, oily itchy scalp, dandruff, bad or severe dandruff, crusty flakes on the scalp, white stuff on your scalp (that is how our clients describe it) and even hair loss. Yes DHT causes hair loss and it feeds off the oil in the scalp. Remove the excess oil and remove the food source for the enzyme that causes hair loss in both men and women.

Does your products work for adults and teens?

Absolutely! It works for all races, nationalities and ages! I know it works since I was the one that it was developed for over 10 years ago. I had my entire scalp breaking out from seborrheic dermatitis now I do not any breakouts on my scalp at all!


Does your product work for African Americans as well?

YES! Many African Americans use this cream as their daily moisturizer as it prevents oily skin and prevents outbreaks of zits, blackheads, acne and pimples when used on a routine.


How long will your special of buy 1 get 1 free last?

This depends on the area covered. If it is for your face and neck then it will last about 50 to 60 days. If it is for your back (a larger area) then it will not last a long. Once you get breakouts under control then you will have to use it a lot less and it will last a lot longer.


How long before I see results?

3 days after starting to use! The itching will cut down and the open sores will start to subside. Any other breakouts will begin to diminish as well.


Most products clear up acne but can't be used to prevent breakouts because they are too drying - can yours be used to prevent breakouts?

Yes, since it does not over dry the skin it is very often used to promote clear skin.


I Have been suffering from dandruff - severe dandruff? Do you have a product that can help this?

The zinc pca products are amazing for this since dandruff is a fungus that feeds off oils in the scalp and this is why you see so many people as they age (can't fight the fungus as well) and also a lot of African American's have dandruff problems because of the excess oil on the scalp and hair. Relax this shampoo will end it!


My dermatologist told me that I have scalp bumps but the shampoo that he used did not get it done. Do you have anything?

Yes - as a matter of fact. The company that is now one of the leaders in natural beauty products was founded for that very reason. The owner was suffering from scalp seborrhea, oily scalp, scalp bumps and pimples and even sometimes some very serious scalp acne. The shampoo that was formulated over 9 years was one of the first to use zinc pca to regulate bacteria in the scalp and also added thyme, fenugreek, ivy and sage to purify the scalp at levels never done previously.

Here is some information in Ingredients Used


Does Your Shampoo or Conditioner Work for Scalp Acne?

Definitely - it is rated a top product for scalp acne since most scalp pimples products don't do a good job on the scalp or just dry it out. Our amazing products do more than just cleanse out unwanted dirt, grime and bacteria from the hair follicle - they also work to rebalance the scalp's defenses!


Can you products help with Scalp Bumps?

Scalp bumps are caused by many different problems but our products work for almost all bumps on the scalp. Remember that many other shampoos and conditioner treatments actually irritate the scalp skin. Not ours - learn more about why ours are so healthy for your scalp.


What Causes Scalp Sores?

Read our section on what causes scalp sores and what products work best for sores on the scalp. They most often caused by a breakdown in the scalp's defenses. Our products work to re-establish the scalp's balance and which in turns create the scalp's natural defenses.


Is You Shampoo For Dandruff Natural?

We do not use medicines or anti fungal agents in our shampoos, no tars like T Gel and no selenium sulfide like in Selsun blue and finally no Ketaconazale like in Nizoral. When choosing the best shampoo for dandruff we strongly suggest that you look at what causes dandruff - this can be read on our dandruff page.


Are Your Shampoos and Hair Products Medicated?

No they are natural based and not medicated and therefore do not have a medicine smell! They use amazing combinations of herbal extracts and a mina ingredient that is derived from zinc as an amino acid.


Do You Have A Shampoo For Oily Hair?

Yes you can see our shampoo for oily hair here! It does more than a traditional clarifying shampoo. It gets to the very cause of excess scalp oils that flood the hair.


Do You Have A Shampoo For Dry Hair?

Yes, our shampoo for dry hair is extremely advanced and does not use any mineral oil nor does it use any dimethicone as both of these can harm the hair when heat is added not to mention clogs the scalp pores and hair follicle openings.


Do You Have A Shampoo or Hair Products For Itchy Scalp That Is Not Dandruff?

See our itchy scalp shampoo section and it will explain the different causes of an itchy scalp and what can be done to help eliminate the symptoms of an itchy scalp even they are severe or have been with you for years.


I Am looking For  A Good Dht Blocker and was told about your products - can you tell me more?

Yes, dht is the hormone that causes hair loss and thinning in both men and women. Zincpca is a known dht blocker but there is much more to the equation. Our shampoo is one of the few deep cleansers on the market. It is designed to remove build up and dirt, grime and any other liquid around the root of the hair. This is where dht collects. That is very important. when used regularly best results are seen for this. We also suggest our Biotin serum that uses ingredients that are known to block dht and prevent it from ever attaching to the root of the hair. Read more about this under our dht blockers sections and learn about the best dht shampoo and dht serum.