Natural & Advanced Dht Blockers Including Zinc Pca


Dht Blockers that are natural and potent! Dht is the main hormone that causes hair loss in men and hair loss in women yet very few shampoos have ingredients to help remove or even become a dht blocker.

Our Amazing Healthy Scalp Products - Ingredients That are DHT Blocker:

Hair growths from the root which is located inside the hair follicle that sits beneath the outter layer of skin on the head. This looks like a pouch and can easily hold liquids similar to dihydratestosterone as well as sebum oils. Important to note that the enzyme that changes testosterone to dht feeds off of scalp oils.

This is why it is vital to have your sebum gland producing the correct amount of oils and not having an over production of sebum. An excess of scalp oils inside the follicle will accelerate the thinning process in those that are susceptible to hormone hair thinning.

Ingredients That Block Dht and Regulate Sebum & Oils

There are several other bumps including small and red that do not have white heads and little white bumps that are often related to clog pores on the scalp.


The Most Effective Way to eliminate or prevent problems is to cleanse and flush with deep cleansing shampoos that also include ingredients to prevent dht from forming as well as prevent it from attaching to the hair follicle!


The Ingredients in the ZincPlex products are designed to do just this. Look at what the ingredients in these amazing products are designed to do







We GUARANTEE you will experience real results in overall better scalp health from the very onset with ZincplexProducts.

dht blocker kit










Dht Kit Includes:

8 oz Zincplex Shampoo

(2) 1 oz Biotin Serums

8 oz Zincplex Conditioner





8 oz Zincplex Shampoo

8 oz Zincplex Conditioner




Biotin Serum Combo

(2  Bottles of The Serum)



(2) 1 oz Biotin Serum






All orders are packed discreetly with no labels or indication of the contents inside.