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Why Is Your Hair Thinning - Itchy Scalp - Dandruff - Dht?

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Hair Thinning and Hair Loss Can Be Caused By Dht - Itchy Scalp - Dandruff and More!

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Itchy Scalp hair loss or hair thinning is actually pretty common. This is caused when inflammation occurs in the root or hair follicle. This inflammation literally chokes off the hair's vital blood and food supply and it starves slowly. Traditional shampoos and conditioners don't help when it comes to hair thinning or hair loss, especially when it is caused by problems such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, inflammation and dht hormones.

The hair follicle is an easy target for unwanted bacteria and similar problems. This is why a deep cleansing, root purifying shampoo must be used. Another vital ingredient is zinc! Your skin is typically comprised of a large quantity of zinc to fight off these unwatned invaders. However, as we age these healthy levels of zinc in the scalp drop. A topical supplement is needed!


perfect hair follicle          seborrheic dermatitis hair lossThis hair shows heavy bacteria on the root!

         Hair  Root #1                             Hair Root #2

      Symptom Free                         Symptoms: Scalp flaking,

                                                           persistent itching & oily,

                                                           crusty, redness & inflammation.


These two pictures show hair roots under a microscope - the right is typical with itchy scalp hair loss, dht hair loss as well as dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis hair loss. The picture to the left shows a healthy hair root! There is not bacteria build up. The hair on the right shows serious build up of bacteria (the black on the bottom). This bacteria causes numerous hair and scalp problems including crusty scalp, flakes, serious dandruff, itchy scalp and more! Read below to eliminate this bacteria that occurs in 99% of all people with scalp problems.

What Works On Scalp Inflammation - Is There a Treatment - YES?

The Zincplex Products use a special form of zinc along with 5 other natural herbs that are know to purify and deep cleanse. Together these act in synergy to go after some of the toughest scalp symptoms and inflammation in the scalp that leads to many more severe scalp related problems.

"For me thinning hair wasn't hormonal. I have suffered with severe dandruff called seborrheic dermatitis and this is what was causing my hair loss. After 3 weeks on your products my scalp literally came alive again - the best of the best!"

Renee Hammond - Ohio

(individual results may vary)




We Guarantee That These Work On Even Your Toughest Symptoms:

For centuries different forms of zinc have been used to treat and purify scalp skin from scalp build, scalp crust, dermatitis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, severe dandruff, eczema and psoriasis and works to eliminate all signs and symptoms of these issues. Now the most dominant form of zinc is available and it is called Zinc PCA~! We are the original and still the best!


Purify Your Scalp To End Problems. A Top Seller for over 10 years!

Please use this checklist to see which products are right for your condition!


Healthy Scalp Kit

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ZincPlex Shampoo, ZincPLex Conditioner and Zincplex Anti Flaking Lotion for the scalp. Use this amazing scalp purification kit to deep cleanse and purify!


Amazing for those that are suffering thinning hair from itchy scalp, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and similar scalp related conditions.

Zinc PCA- the primary ingredient is these products has also been proven to be an extremely effective dht blocker for those that are suffering from dht related hair thinning or loss in both men and women.




Healthy Scalp & Hair Combo

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ZincPlex Shampoo - Purify and Cleanse the flaking or white flakes originators. Our Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner are top sellers that has been used for over ten years with amazing results to end an out of balance scalp - it will not dry it out but will alleviate the flakes in just days!!!


ZincPlex Conditioner - same purifying ingredients in the shampoo however it continues to work long after the application since a little bit is not rinsed out.

Purifying and Rebalancing your scalp for perfect scalp health!


Healthy Scalp Shampoo

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8 oz

ZincPlex Shampoo - guaranteed to eliminate all signs and symptoms of scalp related problems by helping to rebalance the scalp and then let your body take over to prevent future issues with regards to itching, flaking, redness, inflammation, sores and similar issues!




Healthy Scalp Shampoo

Xtra Strength

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The Extra Strength Version of Top Selling ZincPlex Shampoo - top seller that has been used for over ten years with amazing results to end over oily scalp but it will not dry it out.


The Extra Strength Version is our best seller!




More Info about a healthy scalp!

1) SCALP IMBALANCE: It is not just product build up. It is an imbalance in the scalp's natural defense system! This must be taken care of or your problem could get worse.

2) Doctors Prescribe Steroids: It is not uncommon to want to use steroids and cortisones. We suggest that you do not use them long term and not at all unless you feel like you have to! These products, with long term use can actually break down the scalp's defense even more.

3) Heavily Medicated Shampoos Like Head and Shoulders and other similar shampoos are not going after the problem. They are simply making the head and scalp feel better and less itchy. Let us help you with the problem.


61 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee:

We believe in our products and stand behind them with an industry topping 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee that gives you 60 Plus days to use and size up Zincplex Products for your issues!

guaranteed results on all of hair products including deep penetrating hair shampoo

Results come very quickly with  Zincplex scalp products but the full benefits are not attained until after a complete / full months use and this is why we're going to give you an incredible 60 days to try our product.

That's over 2 complete months to use the product and test it for results!

If you're not 110% satisfied with the results then use our no questions asked guarantee, simply return any unused product in the original containers and we will refund 100% of your product purchase price, minus ship cost. We very rarely use this guarantee. These products work and that is why we stand behind them like we do!

No questions asked guarantee that we very rarely have to use it - the products are that good!