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Dave Harper

"Listen to Dave's Phone Testimonial About Zincplex for scalp acne!


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Carol Channing Licensed Esthetician

"Without a doubt the best scalp products that I have used. The Zinc Plex shampoo is amazing for so many scalp problems and is the only shampoo, conditioner and treatment that I have seen that works wonders, sometimes miracles to get my customers a healthy scalp again - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!."

(individual results may vary)



Pamela Pinns Salon Owner

"The Zincplex products get my clients the best results! I have one particular customer that has tried everything for a seriously flaky and itchy scalp - at times here scalp is just white. She has tried all the tars, Head and Shoulders and Selsun Blue with little results. After 3 uses of Zincplex her scalp appeared totally normal - 100% symptom free!!! - They are the best scalp treatments"

(individual results may vary)


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Bacteria Build Up On The Root of The Hair - Dirt Build Up - Lack Of Zinc - Dht Build Up & More!

A high powered microscope was used that  allows us to see the actual root of the hair. These hair samples were taken from normal everyday people that washed their hair everyday but were having significant scalp problems!


a healthy hair under microscope

Picture 1           

NORMAL HAIR -This is a normal hair. The slide background is red. You are looking at the root of the hair. Compare it to the hair photos below! A healthy hair shows up green on these slides!

scalp diseases and conditions

Picture 2


BLACK IS BACTERIA & DIRT -Look down at the root bottom of this hair. It has bacteria build up on. Her symptoms were itchy flaky scalp that was persistent. No matter what shampoo she used it never got better. Head and Shoulders and Nizoral did not work on her scalp problems.

Within 2 weeks of using our Healthy Hair Kit her problem was gone. She continued to use the products just a few times every other week or so to maintain a healthy scalp and hair follicle!





a sebum plug picture

Picture 3


You can easily see all the heavy, hardened sebum build up that has attracted bacteria growth. This lady was head of the PTA Club and owned an accounting firm. It can happen to anyone!

Her symptoms were scalp odor, scalp itching and flaking, and several scalp sores. Bacteria and fungus can cause all of the above.







This is a scalp plug that cuts of the oxygen that enters the hair follicle from the top of the scalp. It is loaded with dirt and bacteria that no typical salon shampoo could ever remove. He removed this scalp plug in about 1 month with our products.

His symptoms were heavy dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis type dandruff flakes, severe scalp itch over the entire head and hair thinning.

Removing this plug all over his scalp helped to eliminate all 3 problems.

This build up is so evident that you can barely see the hair that is beneath all the bacteria. She was a 35 year old school teacher that washed her hair everyday with a name brand salon shampoo!

Build up like this can happen to anyone as it is caused by ph hair products that deplete the scalp's defenses and also by sticky hair products such as hair sprays and hair gels that attract dirt. This is not a problem if your hair shampoo has the proper herbs to deep cleanse and remove the dirt and bacteria without stripping hair!


This many had minor scalp itching that turned into a severe itching and flaky scalp after a few years. Nothing worked for him. His hair had begun to thin (hair loss) but it was the constant itching that bothered him the worst.

After 1 month the scalp itch had completely gone. after 2 months he said that little hairs had started to grow back where he had lost some hair. The flaky white scales and the crusty build up had completely gone away.


"Without a doubt these are the products that a majority of our women and men clients need."

"Not one of our salon clients has had a bad thing to say about ZincPlex. The response is amazing."

"I have seen it work on seriously crust scalp build up."

"It removed this thick white build up on one of my clients scalp. It is the only thing that works for her."

"It has worked on my eyebrow dandruff and my white flaky scalp."

"My scalp flaking crust build up has been with me my whole life until I used your products."

"These products are the standard for those with Seborrheic Dermatitis or Seborrhea"

"Severe dandruff literally gone!"

"These products have made my hair healthier than they have ever been."

"Truly great products."

"Smell great and feel great."

"I don't have that tight scalp feeling anymore"

"My scalp doesn't have large or small flakes anymore."

"I had hair loss in spots from the itch. After 3 months of being itch free - it is starting to grow back."

"Please - Please - Please stay in business forever."

"I can only explain this shampoo as a daily clarifier that doesn't leave your hair stripped or dried but more importantly cleanse the hair root."

"A root cleanser that makes my scalp feel brand new"!

"Healthier hair than ever before in the last 7 years."

"Stubborn dandruff has left the building."

"I am so thrilled to find your products. The oil on my scalp has been heavy for years. Nothing worked. I tried Nioxin and everything else. Last year I tried yours and to my surprise it took about 1 month to clear up this truly oil rich scalp and hair. I LOVE IT!"

(individual results may vary)







Purify and Detox - Create the Perfect Defense against Scalp Fungus while using An Amazing Ingredient to Go After The Fungi Themselves!




"Zinc Pca has been called the miracle ingredient for both mild and severe scalp problems such as seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, itchy scalp, flaking scalp, redness, scalp sores and similar problems! Ingredient research shows that this is truly an important ingredient since it is anti bacterial, anti fungal, sebum regulating and odor eliminating. The result is terrible scalp symptoms disappear and the individual see healthy hair growth due to less inflammation and redness in the scalp that prevents proper hair growth. "