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What Can Help With Folliculitis Problems - Learn About ZincPlex!

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There are several causes of folliculitis or tiny bumps in the hair follicle, however the most acknowledged one is bacteria deep in the hair follicle. Most traditional drug store and salon hair care products actually aggravate this condition, since the high ph lends to bacteria proliferation. Read how we can help with an amazing natural based ingredient called zinc pca and very specific purifying herbs!





Scalp Folliculitis is also referred to as barbers itch, bear itch or rash, or bikini rash as those are the areas that are most affected. However we also know that the scalp and neck hair line are also prime targets. Ingrown hairs or just infected follicles are present and can be quite irritating as well as unattractive.


What is Folliculitis?

In laymen's terms it is an infected hair follicle but for many it happens or occurs on a regular basis and can be a real problem when it comes to having to shave an area or even where garments, hats and sunglasses rub. Most symptoms occur after irritation which can be a razor or a hat and anything in between. The cure comes when the bacteria and fungus are eradicated.


What Causes Folliculitis and Scalp Folliculitis?

In short it is caused by bacteria and fungus and some even believe candida, yeast, or even pityrosporum. Many people that are on antibiotics and birth control pills often find that they have to deal with it. It tends to happen in areas that are irritated such as when you shave your beard or bikini line but can also occur in places where no irritation occurs. Also note that there are different types including pityrosporum, fungal, genital, demodex, pseudomonas, eosinophilic, decalvans, staphylococcal, stpah, groin, bacterial, and more. It can occur on the legs, groin, buttocks, face, scalp, feet, genital area, pubic hair area. Our products use ingredients that are designed to go directly after all of these types of folliculitis. Zinc PCA is anti bacteria, anti fungal and considered to be nature's anti biotic! See products below!


What Works on Scalp Folliculitis - Treatment?

We have tried many different ingredients including silver and oxygen but the only true purifying combination that we have found comes from the most pure of anti bacterial statics called zinc pca along with deep cleansers that open the infected follicle. Most solution simply want to apply a cream. However a cream alone is not usually enough to do the trick. The cream has to reach the open follicle and this is where the cleansers are so important. The area must be cleansed first with a special shampoo.


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The 1 - 2 Punch To Get Rid of Folliculitis Symptoms:

For centuries different forms of zinc have been used to treat skin inflammation, folliculitis, ingrown hairs, infections of the follicle as well as symptoms associated with scalp dermatitis, dandruff, eczema and scalp psoriasis, mites and much more and it has worked well. Now the most dominant form of zinc is available and it is called Zinc PCA~! It is found in all of our products!


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Scalp Folliculitis Combo

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Zinc Pca Shampoo 5 days, Zinc Conditioner 1 time per week, cut out sugar to reduce initial outbreak until the shampoo gets it under control.


If condition is tough or severe then use the complexion cream on the scalp until it subsides along with the shampoo and conditioner





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