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In laymen's terms your skin and are constantly fighting off bacteria, fungi and yeast on a daily basis. These tend to feed off the oils in the scalp. You must regain balance by purifying the scalp! These germs can migrate deep into the hair follicle and must be cleansed out.

What Causes A Tender Scalp?

In short the ANSWER IS BACTERIA. However this bacteria tends to grow beneath the scalp line in and around the hair follicle. The best results that are lasting I have found comes from the most pure of anti bacterial statics called zinc pca along with deep cleansers that open and cleanse the hair follicle. The area must be cleansed first with a  special scalp shampoo that includes the ZincPlex formulation and then we strongly suggest using the conditioner to rebalance the scalp's ph to fend off further bacterial growth. VERY IMPORTANT!

What Causes Scalp & Skin To Be Sensitive & Tingling or Tingly?

We now that the scalp fights off bacteria on a daily basis to remain healthy. However sometimes there is an imbalance that is created and this allows bacteria to grow around the root of the hair (almost impossible for most products to cleanse). This bacteria must be removed! Our products help with this like no others can.


"Tender scalp or tenderness is a big problem and affects both men and women. i found this out in my research. I also found out that most of the time it is caused by a bacteria that fall down into the hair follicle. Most shampoos leave behind sticky residue that attracts dirt and bacteria. I fell upon an ingredient called ZINC PCA and read the research. Your is the only product that had everything I was looking for. I am now three months with a very normal scalp. Very good products and ingredients for those that have scalp tenderness and scalp pain"

Gregory and Anna Lynch - Minnesota

(individual results may vary)


Healthy Hair Can Only Grow from a Healthy Scalp!

Natural Ingredients, Tested For Safety, Works Fast, Trusted Worldwide & Purifying!!!


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zinc pca for pimples and acne



Purify Your Scalp To End Problems. A Top Seller for over 10 years!

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Complete  Scalp Kit

tender scalp kit

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ZincPlex Shampoo, ZincPLex Conditioner and Zincplex Complexion Lotion for the scalp. Use the Complexion Scalp Lotion to regain control and on really bad or tough areas. Expect big results and fast!




Healthy Scalp

Shampoo & Conditioner

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ZincPlex Shampoo - top seller that has been used for over ten years with amazing results to end the very source of scalp tenderness and pain.


ZincPlex Conditioner - same purifying ingredients in the shampoo however it continues to work long after the application since a little bit is not rinsed out. Helps to rebalance the scalp for a good ph to fight off further and future problems.

These products are designed to purify the scalp.


Healthy Scalp Shampoo

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8 oz

ZincPlex Shampoo - top seller that has been used for over ten years with amazing results to end over out of balance scalp and to purify the hair, scalp and the root.


Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Deep oils can hide and congregate under around the hair follicle deep in the scalp. This shampoo is the only product on the market that goes after those deep oils to prevent future oily scalp and hair issues.


Healthy Scalp Shampoo

Xtra Strength

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8 oz

ZincPlex Shampoo - top seller that has been used for over ten years with amazing results to end over the very cause of scalp tenderness and pain - leaving hair and scalp healthier than every before!


The worldwide leader in scalp health.

The Extra Strength Version is our best seller!





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We back Zincplex with an industry leading 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee that gives you 60 total days to test Zincplex Products!

While it only takes a short time to see benefits from Zincplex, the full benefits are not felt until after a months use and this is why we're going to give you an incredible 60 days to try our product.

That's over 2 complete months!

If you're not 100% satisfied with the results during this time, simply return any unused product in the original containers and we will refund 100% of your product purchase price, minus shipping and handling.

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