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Research &  Customer Proof Behind This Special Form of Zinc

The influence of Zinc PCA on hair, skin, scalp skin has been researched and proven:

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Carol Channing Licensed Estethician

"When I see scalp problems I automatically understand that there is an underlying cause and anti inflammatory do nothing to help with these scalp problems.

It has been my belief that many of the over the counter shampoos such as Selsun Blue and similar products are heavily chemical laden products that offer short term benefits..

The brand that gives amazingly consistent results is ZincPlex. What a difference this product makes in just about every type of scalp problem. My client feedback let's me know that the ZincPlex products are second to none. But don't take my word for it. Read the research that has been on Zinc Pca."

(individual results may vary)


Dr. Jeff Turnay

"Most of my clients have tried Head and Shoulders, T Gel and similar products with short term results. I recommend that they try the ZincPlex products as they are the absolute best for a longer term solution.

This is truly the best of the scalp products and shampoos out on the market!"

(individual results may vary)


Pam Storrey Salon Owner

"I have one customer that has suffered with a white gunk on her scalp along with scalp sores and itching. She has had this problem as long as she has been coming to see me (over 10 years). We have tried everything. Finally we heard about ZincPlex and she tried it.

After just one use it looked as if a miracle had happened. Her scalp totally cleared after about 5 uses. She  uses it 2 x per week just to make sure that it doesn't come back."

(individual results may vary)

Can End Decades of Scalp Problems!

"Zinc Pca adds an amazing component to any shampoo or scalp treatment and can eliminate years of scalp problems in quickly."

(individual results may vary)

Effectively Eliminates The Appearance of Different Scalp Problems!

"I can tell you form personal experience that there is not a better shampoo for dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis symptoms."

(individual results may vary)


Forget The Medicated Treatments!

"I vote Zincplex, hands down the very best scalp shampoo versus all the products on the market including Nizoral, T Gel, Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue and more - that is my personal opinion (of course I have been studying hair for over 15 years)."

(individual results may vary)

Expect A Healthier Scalp Than You Have Had In  A Long Time!

"Trial Research has shown that zinc pca has been effective against scalp odor, scalp bacteria, excess oil production, dht production, cellular functions, anti collagenase activity (premature aging) and more - the correlates to a much healthier scalp and in turn great hair."

(individual results may vary)

Improvements In Overall Quality Of Your Scalp and Hair!

Here are what 100 people surveyed are saying about the different Zincplex Products:

  • Reduction Of Sebum

  • Increase Overall Hair Health

  • Increase Hair Moisture

  • Increase Scalp Moisture

  • Scalp Plug Removal

  • New Hair Growth

  • Healing Capacity

  • Scalp thickness increased

  • Skin elasticity increased

  • Reduction of appearance hair thinning

  • Irritation and Redness Reduction

  • Scalp Sores Helped

  • Long Term Itching Reduction

  • Long Term Flaking Reduction

  • Even Server Scalp Issues Helped

  • Resistance to common illness

  • Skin & hair  texture

  • Strength & Body of Hair Improved

  • Reduction of Scalp Irritation

  • Scalp Moisture To Reduce Dry Scalp

Beneficial For Scalp Sores!

"To my knowledge this is the only product that works for scalp sores." (individual results may vary)

Redness and Irritation Eliminated!

"My clients tell me stories about how amazing ZincPlex Products are!" (individual results may vary)

No Evidence of Unfavorable Long-term Side Effects!

"There is no evidence that there are side effects to zinc pca or any of the herbs used in our shampoo and hair products."

Zinc PCa May Help To Thinning Hair!

"Recent research by the manufacturers and third parties show that zinc pca inhibits the formation of dht in hair follicle and in the pores of skin."

(individual results may vary)

Lowers Output of Sebum In The Skin and Scalp!

"Most scalp issues are related to an over production of sebum or scalp oils. Zinc pca has been proven to lower output of sebum but not turn it off. This is very important in relieving oily scalp issues but not drying out the scalp."

(individual results may vary)



Could Eliminate Bacterial Problems- Scalp Acne, Pimples & Bumps

"As a dermatologist I see many people with scalp acne. They have tried many of the over the counter products but end with a dry scalp issues and very little benefit with regards to the scalp. This is because the follicle opening must be cleansed and then the bacteria treated. Shampoos with zinc pca are perfect for this. They cleanse and zinc pca has tremendous anti bacterial activity."

(individual results may vary)


Lowers Collagenase - The Main Cause of Aging in The Skin

"The scalp skin is prone to aging just like the skin - zinc pca has been proven to reduce the effects of collagenase on the skin and the result is healthier scalp skin!"

(individual results may vary)

Deep Bacteria Can Wreak Havoc On Your Scalp!

"Direct evidence suggests that Zinc pca is anti bacterial just as zinc itself is and is of major importance in scalp issues related to bacteria issues such as many conditions including scalp acne, seborrhea -click here, and often eczema and psoriasis skin and scalp conditions."

(individual results may vary)

Zinc PCA is A Deep Moisturizer - Outperforms Synthetics!

"As we the age the moisture content in the scalp and the hair decrease. Zinc pca is the amino acid and hydrating fatty chain that does more than any other synthetic ingredient, and of course the advantage that it has is that it is natural based. Zinc pca is an extreme hair moisture shampoo ingredient!"

(individual results may vary)


Reduces Bacteria That Causes Inflammation in the Scalp!

"Bacteria can find an easy path to the hair follicle as well as a good place to harbor and most shampoos do nothing to remove these bacteria that can cause hundreds of different scalp conditions and problems."

(individual results may vary)


Quality Of Overall Hair Was Increased!

"When the scalp is irritated or red then there is inflammation and this inflammation can choke off the blood supply to the hair resulting in serious hair damage including breaking, splitting, and even thinning or hair loss. It is often the bacteria that causes the inflammation. Zinc pca is proven to remove this."

(individual results may vary)


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