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When you think of Seborrheic Dermatitis you should think of a severe case of dandruff. At most any time you will be fighting the white flakes, scalp inflammation and redness along with the itching. Odds are that you have been to the dermatologist and they have recommended a medicated shampoo with either coal tar or salicyllic acid or maybe even a stronger version of a ketaconazale shampoo.

However, most of those are temporary solutions and are not recommended to be used for any length of time. This is stated right on their bottles. Aren't you longer for a longer term solution. To understand how the ZincplexPCA products work you have to understand exactly seborrheic dermatitis is.

The dermatitis that you are experiencing is an overgrowth of a specific yeast. Before you get excited you need to understand that our bodies are constantly fighting bacteria and yeast. Bacteria are what cause acne, including scalp acne. Yeast are what cause many skin conditions including rosacea. When the balance of the yeast or bacteria on the scalp get out of hand is when these conditions appear.

For example people with dandruff have about 10% less of the yeast on their scalp that people with seborrhea.

Here is how you get a serious leg up on Seborrheic Dermatitis:

First eliminate the excess oils that are deep down in the follicle. These yeast feed off the excess and toxic oils in the scalp. This means that you need a shampoo that deep cleanses around the root of the hair. We know of one shampoo on the market that does this effectively - You guessed it - our ZincplexPCA. Most shampoos are designed to coat the hair and use hair cleansers to literally scrape the scalp. The first problem that they create is that they are very harsh and cause many scalp defense issues including the scalp emitting excess oils - the yeast love this.

The second problem with these harsh shampoos is they are ph'd incorrectly. The defense that the scalp has is a lower ph as it kills the fungus, yeast and bacteria. However these shampoos raise the scalp ph and this sets off a series of events that are all bad for the scalp. ZincPlexPCA does just the opposite and gets to the heart of the problem by allowing the ph to be at correct levels and not neutral levels.

Here is what you get when you order the ZincplexPCA products:

1) The PCA is natural anti bacterial agent and this means that the bacteria that cause many scalp conditions are eliminated after the first couple of uses. Remember this natural based and not medicated.

2) Thyme sage and other amazing herbs remove follicle plugs also known as sebum plugs to open up the follicle and let the bad bacteria be removed naturally by the body's own defense process.

3) An Amino acid derivative is used to regulate the amount of oils that the hair's sebaceous gland produces. This in itself makes it a very inhospitable environment for these yeast and bacteria to live in.

4) Lowers the ph of the scalp and hair. This allows the body to do what it was designed to do to defeat unwanted habitants. A lower ph also closes the hair cuticle giving hair an amazing shine and luster!


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