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zinc pca for hair thinning and dandruff

Zinc PCA - an amazing amino acid that regulates the sebum gland (the amount of oil produced by the sebum gland), while it is also bacteriostatic (kills bacteria and more). This means that it kills the bacteria that cause many skin issues such as scalp acne, pimples, zits and other skin eruptions. By deep purifying and also controlling the amount of oil that the skin puts out your skin will clear but it will dry out. Zinc PCA is the cornerstone of our products and is considered a breakthrough in acne ingredients.

Zinc plays a a very major role in the body’s day in a day out jobs including the scalp & skin which contains about 22% of the zinc in our bodies.  It is important to realize that Zinc’s roles to our bodies include:  the ability to prevent and treat infections, ward off bacteria and eliminate the cause of skin and scalp conditions as well as to regulate the amount of sebum oil produced by the sebaceous gland (not shut it down but act more like a thermostat. 

    -Scalp Purifier

    -Bacteria Killer

    -Dht Blocker (hair thinning cause)

    -Scalp Oil Regulator (oily scalp leads to many different problems since most conditions of the scalp are fed by 

     the scalp oils - for example the 5 alpha reductase enzyme is called the hair loss enzyme and feeds off scalp

     oils and sebum directly in the hair follicle. This is why zinc pca is crucial to hair thinning.)


Tea Tree Oil - it is natural antibiotic and antiseptic proven to be more effective at eliminating acne than most chemicals and it is natural based which means that your skin and body do not have to deal with toxic overload. Tea tree oil is absorbed through the skin and enters the system to help prevent issues all over the skin even if it was not topically applied to that area. Very natural and very effective!

Aloe Vera - Prevents scarring and helps heal skin faster than without Aloe Vera.

Thyme - Natures deep cleanser and very strong natural astringent to assist in purifying the skin.

Sage - sage is very purifying and is one of the best ingredients to deep purify skin cells and prevent new acne and sores from forming on the skin and scalp.

Fenugreek- One of the best herbs  to apply directly to the skin and kill the bacteria in the skin.

Burdock- Helps to reduce the thicker oil in the skin allows for a more purified oil to be produced by the body without the pore clogging effects of typical and cholesterol filled oils. It also helps to remove toxins from deep within the skin.

Biotin - a vital vitamin to hair synthethis and cellular turnover. University studies have shown that lack of biotin in the scalp and hair cells results in hair thinning. The best way to get biotin is topically apply it.


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