From Natural Based Dandruff To Itchy Scalp and Between!

Why Use These Natural Based Scalp Products?



99% of people with scalp problems have build up in the air follicle of dirt, germs and bacteria.


Our products target the very cause of 99% scalp related problems. We have spent over a decade researching the very best natural way to help END scalp related problems and issues with natural based treatments.


Did you know that most shampoos and conditioners on the market actually do more harm to your scalp by raising the ph to levels that allow excess germs and bacteria to grow on the scalp and the root. This must be cleansed.


These pictures should explain it all!

This hair was from a normal everyday soccer mom that washed and dried her hair everyday - yet she was having terrible scalp problems. The reason is that the bacteria that is typically fought off by the scalp was allow to proliferate in the scalp, mainly in the hair follicle. Once removed the scalp problems went away.

hair follicle problems                                     dirty hair follicle

The first hair is what a healthy hair looks like under the microscope. The second hair shows heavy dirt and bacteria build up. This build up is on the root of the hair where most shampoos cannot cleanse since it is beneath the scalp level.

Read more above our amazing ZincPlex purifying products and you will see why everybody is talking about the next generation of hair care & scalp care products!



"Without a doubt these are the products that a majority of our women and men clients need."

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"It removed this thick white build up on one of my clients scalp. It is the only thing that works for her."

"It has worked on my eyebrow dandruff and my white flaky scalp."

"My scalp flaking crust build up has been with me my whole life until I used your products."

"These products are the standard for those with Seborrheic Dermatitis or Seborrhea"

"Severe dandruff literally gone!"

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"Smell great and feel great."

"I don't have that tight scalp feeling anymore"

"My scalp doesn't have large or small flakes anymore."

"I had hair loss in spots from the itch. After 3 months of being itch free - it is starting to grow back."

"Please - Please - Please stay in business forever."

"I can only explain this shampoo as a daily clarifier that doesn't leave your hair stripped or dried but more importantly cleanse the hair root."

"A root cleanser that makes my scalp feel brand new"!

"Healthier hair than ever before in the last 7 years."

"Stubborn dandruff has left the building."

"I am so thrilled to find your products. The oil on my scalp has been heavy for years. Nothing worked. I tried Nioxin and everything else. Last year I tried yours and to my surprise it took about 1 month to clear up this truly oil rich scalp and hair. I LOVE IT!"