zinc pca for pimples and acneScalp Acne - Creams Don't Work On The Head and Here Is Why!

shampoo for scalp acne

Creams don't help scalp acne and here is why!  The creams that are made for scalp acne are typically to dry up the excess sebum and to kill the bacteria in the skin that actually causes the bumps. So why don't typical acne creams work on the scalp?

Because in the scalp most pimples or bumps are caused because the follicle has been plugged with hardened sebum, grime and dirt that is drawn to the sticky residue that hair gels, hair sprays, certain shampoos and other hair products leave behind. Before the bumps can be treated effectively this sebum plug has to be removed and then deep dirt, grime and sludge must be removed.  Head Pimples or Head Acne needs a very special approach!



Simple - you have found it. Start by using the shampoo and conditioner to open up the plugged follicles on the scalp. This shampoo is not medicated and does not smell bad. It uses certified organic herbs and a special amino acid (natural ingredient) to deep cleanse like no other shampoo does. it removes the horrible and trapped bacteria that is causing your scalp problems. We guarantee that the combo including the scalp lotion will make your scalp healthier than it has been in a long time.

And remember that scalp acne and scalp bumps are usually just signs of more intense problems to come. Make sure to get your scalp back into balance again right now.




Scalp acne results from a build up inside the hair follicle where it becomes trapped and the bacteria that causes acne begins to grow - here is how to get it out! The Shampoo and Conditioner that will end your scalp issues is ZINCPLEX-PCA.


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