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Sores on Scalp Explained!


The Best Treatment For Sores On Scalp

Quite a few people suffer from those nasty scalp sores! So what is the causes of those sores on scalp problems and what can be done to get rid of them. The most important thing is to understand what causes the open sores. The most common cause is a scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis. This is usually thought of as a severe form of dandruff!

The main causes of the scalp sores in an abundance of a specific fungus called mallsezzia furfur. This fungus is present on everyone's scalp but in people that have dandruff it is present at a higher rate. In those that have seborrheic dermatitis (the main cause of scalp sores) then the fungus is even present at a higher rate.

So what gets rid of the scalp fungus that causes Scalp Sores?

This has to be done is a two pronged approach. The first approach is understand that the fungus feeds off of scalp oil and sugar (yep the kind that you eat). So, cut back on sugar intake and this includes fruit sugar as well as refined or white sugar like what you get in ice cream, candy etc. it is also important to cut back on carbs as they are converted to sugar by the body.

2nd approach is to naturally kill the fungus. The main ingredient that works well for this is zinc pca. Zinc is the scalp's skin natural anti biotic. it kills the bacteria and fungus that are the main causes of scalp sores. In our Zinc Shampoo we also very beneficial herbs such as thyme and scalp irrigator sage that works to release impacted sebum in the hair follicle.

Your goal is not completely eradicate this fungus as it is present in every person. Your goal is to knock it back to acceptable levels. This will eliminate the scalp problems including scalp sores, dandruff, severe dandruff, scalp acne, scalp pimples, bumps and much more.