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The Best Shampoo For Oily Hair - Read Why!

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If You Have Oily Hair Or Greasy Scalp Then Your Sebum Gland In The Scalp Is Producing Too Much Oil!


"I was using a clarifying shampoo but it was stripping my hair really bad to try and get rid of the greasy hair. My hair stylist recommended ZincPlex®! After using it about 4 times I saw that my hair was now getting back to normal and now it is totally normal without dripping or drying it out. IT IS THE HEALTHIEST MY HAIR HAS BEEN IN A LONG TIME."

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Reginald Fitzgerald - Connecticut


Zinc PCA Regulates How Much Oil The Sebum Gland Produces To End Oily Hair Problems!


The 1 - 2 Punch To Get Rid of Oily Hair and Even Really Oily Hair:

Build up in the hair follicle is gently removed and then zinc pca regulates the sebum gland (how much you produce) - THE RESULT IS NORMAL HAIR THAT IS SUPER HEALTHY!


Purify Your Scalp To End Problems. A Top Seller for over 10 years!

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Healthy Scalp & Hair Combo

End Oily Hair In Just Days!

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ZincPlex® Shampoo -This herbal shampoo also uses zinc to deep cleanse and purify the hair follicle. Excess or impacted sebum deep in the hair follicle can cause many different issues that all result in excess scalp oils or oily hair!

ZincPlex® Conditioner - same purifying ingredients in the shampoo however it continues to work long after the application since a little bit is not rinsed out.

The only shampoo to regulate the amount of oil that the sebum gland produces and its natural based!


Healthy Scalp Shampoo

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ZincPlex® Shampoo - sold worldwide this shampoo uses an amazing purifying blend of herbs and amino acids to break down bad influences on the scalp while rebuilding the protective scalp and moisture layers!




Healthy Scalp Shampoo

Xtra Strength

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8 oz

The Extra Strength Version of Top Selling ZincPlex Shampoo - top seller that has been used for over ten years with amazing results to end over oily scalp but it will not dry it out. Uses advanced Scalp Science technology to eliminate the main causes of excess scalp oils! Use this shampoo for really oily hair or severe oil build up, or you can use it for quicker results!


The Extra Strength Version is our best seller!






61 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee:

We believe in our products and stand behind them with an industry topping 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee that gives you 60 Plus days to use and size up Zincplex® Products for your issues!

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Results come very quickly with  Zincplex scalp products but the full benefits are not attained until after a complete / full months use and this is why we're going to give you an incredible 60 days to try our product.

That's over 2 complete months to use the product and test it for results!

If you're not 110% satisfied with the results then use our no questions asked guarantee, simply return any unused product in the original containers and we will refund 100% of your product purchase price, minus ship cost. We very rarely use this guarantee. These products work and that is why we stand behind them like we do!

No questions asked guarantee that we very rarely have to use - the products are that good!